5 Things to Watch Out For – X Factor 2011

This entry was posted on Monday, October 24th, 2011

Viewers fleeing faster than tyrants up a drainpole.


1.      Artificial controversies:

Previously we have watched an illegal lass by the name of Gamu consigned to deportation/execution by Cheryl Cole, not to mention contestants pulling out due to a penchant for happy slapping (Emily Nakanda) or even being a bit nuts (Shirlena Johnson). This year, we had the bullying of a fairly sweet woman, Ceri Rees. Still, it’s a nice family show, hey kids.

2.      Artifical judging controversies:

Cowell and co have realised that even the audience are too savvy these days to fall for too much of the above. So controversies amongst the judges are created instead; more believable as nobody would expect the show to turn on itself. Or would they? Having already served up Louis Walsh bullying Danni Minogue (kids – ask your dads) and even Walsh being drenched by Sharon Osbourne (ask your granddads), the weekend’s press saw Gary Barlow turn on his fellow judges for not being as good as last year’s lot. As he knows from first-hand experience.

3.      Joke acts who have no chance of winning:

Following Wagner, producers realised that the next comedy act had to be at least a bit believable. Enter Johnny Robinson, 23 with Betfair to win, a price like the man himself, that should not be touched.

4.      Sob stories:

The reason why betting early on the X Factor can be a mistake. Who knows what nonsense will be dragged up in the final weeks, ensuring that all-important final burst for the act Cowell wants to win.

5.      Craig to win:

The contestant most likely to elicit an awww from the audience always wins. Back Colton at 12.5 with Betfair.

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