3 Rules for Betting on Eurovision 2012

This entry was posted on Friday, May 25th, 2012

Heading for Dignitas

Ah, good old Eurovision. What would we do without it? Well soon we may get a chance to find out. With the continent’s currency on the verge of collapse, the resultant recriminations and blame should guarantee that there won’t be too many takers for this sort of nonsense twelve months hence.

So enjoy it whilst it lasts – and here are three things to bear in mind before placing your Drachma on the Swedes.

In a change from last year’s format, voting lines now open for 15 minutes once all the performances have finished, rather than being open continuously throughout the show. In our age of short concentration spans, that could favour nations who perform near the end. The Serb entry, performing in the antepenultimate spot, should be a contender. Željko Joksimović’s ‘Love is not an Object’ performed strongly in the semi-final, and should give you a run for your money at 13.5 on Betfair.

The second element is to be from an inoffensive, slightly irrelevant nation. Nobody is going to be voting for Germany, Greece or France right now from their unemployed couch, so focus your wonga instead on jolly nations like Ireland and Denmark. Jedward are our dark horses of choice at 34, with their catchy Waterline.

Finally, ignore the UK. Our own entry is a shambolic disgrace. Old Englebert Humberbund or whatever his name is, could well cash in on the nul points market, where a ‘yes’ is available at a magnificent 12.

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