Roly Poly Goalie on the Doley

The extraordinary over-reaction to the Sutton United goalkeeper eating a pie on the bench, during Monday night’s embarrassing home defeat to the part-time defenders and attackers of Arsenal, has cast betting on specials into the spotlight. We here at Oggs occasionally stray into such territory, but generally one is advised to stay clear unless, like Wayne Shaw, you possess inside knowledge. However, there is easy money to be made too. Yesterday, perhaps ironically, marked ten years to the day since Craig Bellamy celebrated the fact that he had got involved in an golfclub altercation with Jon Arne Riise, and also that he had scored at the Camp Nou, by getting out his virtual 5iron and having a swing. The odds... Continue reading...

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2017 By-Elections

Super Thursday A crucial week ahead, with two by-elections on Thursday evening, and both are undoubtedly in-play for two, possibly three parties. Nil holds for Labour, and Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt may have achieved by upping and outing, what current Labour MPs have failed in doing – dislodging the leader. Two victories for Corbyn however, and perhaps his dismissal of the polls and the media distaste for him as fake news, could have some credence. Stoke: Defeat in Copeland would be directly attributable to the Labour leader’s stance on Trident. Yet bizarrely, since it is a tight seat, defeat there would be less damaging than failure to hold Stoke, which has voted Labour since the days of Clement Atlee.... Continue reading...

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FA Cup 2017 Preview – 5th Round

4 to Watch Huddersfield Town vs Manchester City Amidst the fury and the mayhem, old Pep may be calmly putting together a reasonable season for City, whilst at the same time completely ripping apart the spine of a team that had been together since the days of Mark Hughes. Expect them to progress here too, and with the way Huddersfield play, expect lots of goals and excitement. Ladbrokes will give you 15/2 on over 5.5 goals, and we will have a little nibble at that. Milwall vs Leicester City The Den one day, Sevilla the next. Such is the extraordinary tale of Leicester City these days. Typically, a side struggling in the league and with Europe to cope with wouldn’t... Continue reading...

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Tonight’s Football – 15 February 2017

Bayern Munich vs Arsenal / Real Madrid vs Napoli Once More Unto the Breach… If Charlie Brooker hasn’t yet written about a future dystopian environment in which all arguments are reduced to whether Arsene Wenger should be sacked or not, he’s selling his audience a little short. In fact, the famous Godwin’s Law that asserts every argument eventually culminates in a reference to Nazi Germany, could easily apply to the Frenchman’s hold on his current job. With Barcelona suffering a walloping last night, perhaps Arsene could well and truly silence the critics by winning the Champions League, a competition he hasn’t truly threatened in for over a decade now. In so doing, this could be their toughest challenge – the... Continue reading...

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Premiership Preview (& Rugby!) – 10 February 2017

4 to Watch Sunderland vs Southampton The Saints are a wildly inconsistent bunch these days, which goes a long way to explaining their mid-table place in the Prem, but their fantastic run to Wembley in the League Cup. The final of which is now only a couple of weeks away, and players’ minds will surely be focused on that. Sunderland on the other hand are flying following their banging of Palace last time out, and at 13/5 at Ladbrokes, are our bet of the weekend. Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur For those who missed our piece earlier (WHERE WERE YOU!!!), we fancy a 0-0 here, which Ladbrokes will offer you a nice 15/2 on. Bournemouth vs Manchester City Having correctly called... Continue reading...

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Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur – 11 February 2017

<Insert Pretentious Quote about the Past here> History hey. That least trendy of all school subjects has the knack of popping up just when you least want it. Liverpool’s first quest for a title since 1990 is beginning to look like the impossible dream. Perhaps a city that has been forced to embrace industrial decline and deprivation, can no longer carry a great football team, let alone two as was possible in its 80s heyday. They’ve had great homegrown players in Owen, Fowler and Gerrard. They’ve bought the best from abroad in Torres, Mascherano and Luis Suarez. And now they have the best manager around, or at least, that was his status a few months ago. And yet and yet... Continue reading...

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Chelsea vs Arsenal – February 2017

Posh & Baby vs Sporty = Scary I guess if there was a game for double-barrelled mayhem to prevail, it would be the club from the most expensive borough in the United Kingdom, against the club renowned for attracting the posh to their fancy seats. And lo and behold in the midst of yet another mid-season injury crisis, Arsene Wenger said the following, “We have Reine-Adelaide, Maitland-Niles, Oxlade-Chamberlain…” Speculating as to whether in broken Britain a double barrelled name really is a sign of being posh, or if it just connotes just coming from a disrupted home, isn’t our remit in this piece. Neither really, is scratching our heads as to how Arsenal can have such an acute injury crisis... Continue reading...

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Six Nations 2017

Now with Added Bonus Points Despite their form under Eddie Jones (13 wins in a row – one short of equalling the national record), and the propensity for England to be too short in pretty much every sporting event, we think the bookies may have undersold England a tad this time. Of course the trips to Dublin and Cardiff explain exactly why this is, although Wales are as long as 10/1 in some turf-accountants and they host both England and Ireland. The answers may be simple – injuries to key English personnel, and more importantly, fear of the Irish. Their stunning 40-29 win over New Zealand in America over the summer was their first ever triumph over an All Black... Continue reading...

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SuperBowl LI – New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Ah More Innocent Times There was a time kids, when what happened on Superbowl Sunday was the biggest news in America. In fact, often the big news wasn’t even on the pitch – it was somebody exposing a smidgen of knocker, or something else equally exhilarating. But alas no more – the Don has ensured its heavy news every day in the States, and Superbowl LI is unlikely to headline too many of Monday’s bulletins. Nevertheless, it is set up for a fascinating encounter. In the AFC corner, the pre-season favourites including Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck’s six super bowl appearances. And from the NFC, welcome the massive outsiders at the start of the season, the Atlanta Falcons. Propelled by... Continue reading...

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2017 Title Decider

Liverpool vs Chelsea So the most open Premier League season EVER!!! could well be done and dusted by the 4th February. If Chelsea can avoid defeat at Anfield tonight, and at home to Arsenal on Saturday, surely the game is up for whomever we deem the chasing pack these days. It is of course worth casting minds back to the corresponding fixture in the early days of 16/17, when it was Jurgen Klopp who was the continental genius, working his players to the bone in a jolly fashion, on his way to glory. Whereas of course, Antonio Conte just didn’t get English football, and his physical methods were simply inappropriate for our game. The lesson – believe nothing kids. A... Continue reading...

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