A Look Into A Gambler’s Brain & The Online Casino Industry

Web 2.0, the second generation of the internet, has singlehandedly facilitated the exponential yearly increase of revenue experienced (to varying degrees) by countless businesses across the globe ��� including, to name a few, the travel, shopping, and information technology industries.

While it may not be common knowledge, since the turn of the century, the online gambling industry has also enjoyed a generouslyCanada goose dam profitable revenue stream. It has been reported that this industry has seen its revenue grow from nearly 2.5 billion dollars in 2001 to just under 25 billion in 2010.

A Look Into A Gamblers Brain & The Online Casino Industry

A Look Into A Gambler's Brain & The Online Casino Industry

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This is no small figure! While advancements in both the availability Moncler Onlineshop Jacke and usability of the internet that provided the arena and transportation that made this profitability a possibility, and while we in the online casino guides and review business would like to take all the credit, it was you that made it happen.

An attempt to further our understanding of how it is that we (hey – we have to play at these casinos to write our reviews!) have directly contributed to the growth of this industry is made in the form of an infographic of sorts. What you’ll see may surprise you – or maybe it won’t (For example, 86 out of every 100 gamblers are male.)

It is our hope that, as you peruse the various sections of this infographic, certain pieces of information contained within it do something to foster or entice your more inquisitive side. It is no surprise, to us at least, that the players who end up doing well at online casinos are the same players that read, learn, and practice.

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