18 Oct. ’09 ~ llinois Receives Go Ahead For Online Gambling

llinois Receives Go Ahead For Online Gambling

Over the last two weeks, Online Gambling has been subject to much debate in the state of Illinois. The proposition stated that betting on the horse races taking place in the state would be hosted online, and this is precisely what has gone through for residents of Illinois.

Over the years, the off-site betting locations and the tracks themselves have seen diminished revenue from betting on the equestrian events. The new law will allow players to make the same bets as those found in the land based betting centers via phone and Internet, thus invigorating the income that the tracks would receive.

One site popped up allowing the betting almost instantly, giving players near instant access to wagering. Credit cards and other methods of payment may be used, allowing ease of access for wagering. All of the pertinent statistical information found at the track will also be available, which is aimed to help bettors stay on top of the races.

The taxes generated from the online gambling is expected to rake in at least $1 million for the state each year.

The inclusion of an online gambling program, even as limited as horse racing, may send a message to Capitol Hill. Now that a state has made an effort to make online gambling completely legal in one form, others may follow in suit. With any luck, Illinois new take on Internet gambling may cause a domino effect, leading to more relaxed legislation, and perhaps the regulation of online gambling.


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